Anglophone Africa Regional Knowledge Hub for the Oil, Gas and Mining Industries

RWI is supporting the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) in a three-year project to create a regional knowledge hub in Anglophone Africa that provides education, training and mentorship to key stakeholders involved in the oil, gas and mining sectors.

The Anglophone Africa hub is one of six regional hubs RWI is creating in partnership with local academic institutions to offer training and support for civil society organizations, members of parliament and journalists in Anglophone Africa, Francophone Africa, Asia-Pacific, Eurasia, Latin America and Middle East/North Africa.

Anglophone Africa hub activities include:

  • Conducting three additional summer school programs where 30 to 45 stakeholders from across Africa learn to undertake monitoring, oversight and advocacy for oil, gas and mining resources. Exceptional summer school alumni are being trained as trainers, equipping them to run beginner-level courses in their own countries. 
  • Creating a database of regional experts who can provide high-level expertise in areas not sufficiently covered by training, such as law, economic policy, accounting and auditing. The hub is also organizing annual policy and legislation analysis workshops that demystify these processes in specific countries. 
  • Establishing an easily accessible collection of information resources such as training modules, case studies, and research findings.
  • Developing elective courses focusing on the oil, gas and mining sectors to complement core courses in GIMPA’s existing graduate programs and training select faculty on these sectors. 

Civil society organizations, government officials and the media in the majority of resource-dependent countries in Africa have severe capacity deficits that impede their ability to participate in oversight and decision making processes regarding oil, gas and mining revenue management.  

Revenue Watch believes this training will increase the number and expertise of citizen groups focused on prudent management of natural resources, and help lead to policies for sustainable economic development.

Hubs are established as part of academic institutions that can provide regular courses. We expect host institutions to take over hub management after three years of RWI technical and financial support, with two more years of RWI support for quality control.

GIMPA is the leading management development institute in Ghana with a vision of becoming a world class Centre of Excellence for training in leadership, management and administration, policy analysis, consultancy and research, distance learning, gender and development programmes.

Related Grants

Title Year Amount
Anglophone Africa Regional Knowledge Hub for the Oil, Gas and Mining Industries 2010 $281,525