Center for Energy and Security Studies in the MENA Region

RWI is collaborating with the London School of Economics through funding for the school's new Center on Energy and Conflict, with a focus on the Center's research, advocacy and capacity-building agenda in the Middle East and North Africa.

The research carried out under this program will provide insights into the relationship between oil and gas dependence, challenges to socio-economic development, and insecurity and conflict. Project focus areas will include domestic investment, resource windfalls, nascent financial markets, outward investment and NOCs, accountability and efficiency of public administration, global governance, and the role of regional alliances in promoting good governance in the region.

The regional focus of this initiative represents a slightly different approach to advocacy and capacity building, which will be co-developed through engagement with policymakers and activists. The program will also engage civil society through grants and collaborative research and will include a direct advocacy component with a direct focus on enhancing the lives of citizens through better management of oil, gas and mineral wealth. Study tours, workshops, tailored training programs, targeted technical assistance and grant-making will augment the program's capacity-building actvities.