The Chinese Experience in EITI

This project aims to promote increased understanding of EITI among Chinese representatives from various sectors who can help promote EITI participation by the Chinese government.

China continues to gain influence in resource-rich countries around the world, through the intensive activity of its national oil and mining companies. To date the Chinese do not participate in EITI, an absence which could undermine the initiative’s credibility and relevance over time.

However, China has demonstrated an awareness  that access to international markets depends in part on cultivating a positive public perception. Chinese companies have started to incorporate corporate social responsibility activities into their practices, which creates an opening for EITI.

With support from RWI, the University of Alberta is coordinating a workshop to provide representatives from Chinese academic, financial, and oil and mining institutions with a deeper understanding of EITI, and to develop a strategy for engaging policymakers and state-owned enterprises in China on the issue of EITI.

Related Grants

Title Year Amount
The Chinese Experience in EITI 2010 $19,000