Congo-Brazzaville: Legal Defense Funding for PWYP Activists

Issue: Grants

Country: Africa

RWI works to protect civil society activists promoting transparency and accountability under repressive regimes. We have provided support for the legal defense costs associated with the wrongful imprisonment and trail of Christian Mounzeo and Brice Mackosso, coordinators of the Publish What You Pay coalition in Congo-Brazzaville. They were arrested in the city of Pointe-Noire in April 2006 on trumped-up charges. The charges came at a crucial moment in the ongoing national and international campaign for more accountable and transparent management of Congo's oil sector. Ironiccally, thes moves against Mssrs. Mounzeo and Mackosso appear to be a response to the success of PWYP Congo's advocacy efforts. Unless activists are allowed to express their views, unite for advocacy campaigns and work for information disclosure without fear of illegitimate charges and detentions, accountability, democracy and good governance cannot thrive. RWI remains committed to protecting activists across the globe who are working to build open societies.