EITI Study Tour for Yemeni Civil Society

Issue: Training

Country: Yemen

In 2007 RWI also began to intensify its engagement in Yemen. The government's endorsement of EITI in March 2007 (the first in the Persian Gulf) spawned great interest among leading NGOs to build their own capacity around issues of natural resource revenue management, EITI and the PWYP Campaign more broadly. In response to this clear need, RWI in collaboration with our partners in Azerbaijan, sponsored and facilitated a three-day EITI training for Yemeni civil society in Baku. The September Study Tour focused on educating these groups on EITI processes, principles and criteria, and the role of civil society in promoting revenue transparency more broadly. At the September EITI Board Meeting in Oslo, international representatives awarded Yemen a pass in the pre-validation process, giving the country official EITI Candidate status. Yemeni representatives are now working with RWI and Azerbaijan's TORPF program on establishing a local NGO coalition and pushing the EITI process forward.