Georgia Revenue Watch (GRW) and the Coalition "For Transparency of Public Finances" (TPF)


Country: Azerbaijan

Georgia Revenue Watch (GRW) and the Coalition "For Transparency of Public Finances" (TPF) Revenue Watch activities in Azerbaijan are overseen by the Open Society Institute-Assistance Foundation's "Transparency of Oil Revenues and Public Finance" program (TORPF). Established in 2003, TORPF aims to generate and publicize research,  information, and advocacy on the investment and disbursement of revenues, and the responses by government and extractive companies to civic demands for accountability. The TORPF program, which collaborates closely with a variety of local NGOs, also seeks to build the monitoring capacity of local groups through training in budget monitoring and reporting on the extractive sector, and seed grants to budget watchdogs.

Georgia Revenue Watch works closely with the coalition "For Transparency of Public Finances (TPF)." The TPF coalition action plan includes partnerships with government stakeholders, major companies, and policymakers to increase civil society's leverage in the development of transparent government processes. TPF projects also include an analysis of existing legal frameworks; the development of alternative EITI reporting templates; the translation and dissemination of EITI materials in local language; foreign aid monitoring of Millennium Challenge funds; budget analysis, and capacity building for coalition members and local media outlets. For more information on the activities of the Coalition "For Transparency of Public Finances," please go to or