Global Television Debate on Mineral Resources and Transparency in Africa

The Broad Daylight Films Foundation is producing a global television debate concerning payment of fees and royalties by oil, gas and mining companies working in African countries. Participants in the debate, including ministers and government leaders from developing and developed countries, representatives from multinational corporations, trade union leaders and civil society activists, will discuss whether increased transparency around natural resource revenues can lead to greater public benefits from mineral resources across the African continent.

The debate is inspired by the well-recognized contrast between Africa’s entrenched poverty and its wealth of natural and mineral resources. Recent discoveries and expanded exploitation of oil, diamonds, gold and other mineral resources in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries make this topic especially timely and relevant.

With support from RWI, the public in every African country is being exposed to the positions raised in the debate. BBC World News, which attracts 74 million viewers weekly and is available in more than 200 countries, is broadcasting the program and posting it on the BBC website. The program is also being distributed free of charge to African broadcasters.

Broad Daylight Films Foundation produces and distributes televised debates on topics related to human rights, economic justice, freedom of expression, democracy and development.  


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Global Television Debate on Mineral Resources and Transparency in Africa 2011 $17,000