Investigative Journalism School in Eurasia

The Open Society Institute-Assistance Foundation (OSI-AF) is building the capacity of journalists in Eurasia to monitor public finance and budget expenditures. With RWI support, OSI-AF organized a three-day training for journalists from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The project seeks to strengthen the media’s watchdog role by building journalists’ capacity, increasing their knowledge of economic policy and promoting investigative journalism with a focus on the public finance sector. A follow up session is planned to train the journalists for cross-border investigations, with final reports to be published by local media in each country. Participating journalists are expected to establish a regional network for investigative journalists for discussion of policies, practices and transparency issues.

Although Eurasian countries have seen a recent drastic increase in oil, gas, and mining income, national budgets do not account adequately for how the income is spent. Journalists continue to command respect in Eurasia, but their ability to be effective watchdogs is weakened by a lack of capacity, and by political pressures not to ask questions.

OSIAF-Azerbaijan focuses primarily on programs in communication, education and natural resource transparency in its efforts to promote open society in Azerbaijan.

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Title Year Amount
Investigative Journalism School in Eurasia 2011 $20,000