The Latin America Regional Knowledge Hub on Extractive Industries

The proposed project is a continuation of the “Latin America Regional Knowledge Hub on Extractive Industries (LARKHEI)” project launched by PUCP and RWI in 2009. With the proposed project, the hub will continue implementing the annual diploma courses on extractive industries while expanding the scope of its research projects. The hub will also start working with academic institutions in Colombia and Costa Rica to develop annual EI diploma courses in these countries modeled after the hub course in Peru.


  • To provide effective training and mentoring services in order to develop the regional capacity by increasing the number of knowledgeable, skilled professionals working in the EI-sector
  • To encourage course participants to participate in the discussion and preparation of public policies in order to put in practice strong oversight and governance structures for the extractive industries sector
  • To create a network of knowledgeable, skilled professionals in Latin America who work on EI-related matters; help them exchange information, experiences and products of interest relating to the extractive industries
  • To multiply capacity building and information resources that are available to oversight bodies in the region and ensure that the hub course curricula are adapted by institutions in other countries to meet country-specific needs

Related Grants

Title Year Amount
The Latin America Regional Knowledge Hub on Extractive Industries 2013 $63,541