Monitoring the Hydrocarbon Sector Value Chain in Bolivia

Issue: Civil Society

Country: Bolivia

Organization: Fundacion Jubileo

After the nationalization of the mining and hydrocarbons rent, the Bolivian government faces new challenges in terms of the transparency and efficiency of its national oil company operations. With this project, Fundacion Jubileo (FJ) promotes transparency within Bolivia’s extractive sector by initiating a public discussion on contracts, concessions and revenue distribution and spending practices. By strengthening the oversight capacities of nongovernmental organizations and members of parliament, FJ hopes to increase public participation in the extractives sector, and consequently facilitate policy changes at the national level.

FJ works towards enhancing political advocacy and civic engagement in Bolivia. The organization aims to contribute to improving the living conditions of local populations by promoting the adoption of effective public policies and democratic processes. FundaciĆ³n Jubileo conducts research and advocacy work on extractive industries and public budgeting with the goal of strengthening social monitoring and oversight mechanisms; and fighting inequality and poverty in Bolivia.

With RWI's help, FJ is

  • Strengthening the extractive industry monitoring system in Bolivia to allow all oversight bodies to have access to timely and reliable information on the sector
  • Developing the monitoring and oversight capabilities of civil society groups and journalists in the resource-rich La Paz and Tarija districts for enhanced civic participation in extractive industry management
  • Developing the monitoring and oversight capabilities of members of parliament on extractive industry-related issues such as contracts, concessions, revenue management and distribution, for the adoption of institutionalized policies to improve transparency and accountability in the management of extractive industries
  • Raising public awareness on the management of extractive revenues, contracts and concessions

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