Monitoring of Oil and Mining Industries in Ecuador

Issue: Civil Society

Country: Ecuador

Organization: Grupo Faro

The proposed project is a continuation of Grupo Faro’s monitoring and research on revenue generation and distribution and will consist of monitoring activities that help to identify national oil revenues generated in 2012 and their distribution as well as relevant regulatory and institutional changes. The project will also monitor social and environmental conflicts in the Province of Napo that are caused by extractive activities.


  • To generate public debate on oil and mining contracts and the generation, distribution and spending of extractive revenues
  • To monitor regulatory and institutional changes in the EI sector
  • To build the capacity of local communities (particularly in the producing region of Napo) to help them monitor the oil and mining sectors
  • To facilitate public understanding about changes in the structure of Ecuadorian state-owned enterprises linked to the oil industry, and the major economic implications of these changes
  • To facilitate access to information related to extractive industries through spaces of learning and dialogue, targeting local stakeholders in the Province of Napo

Related Grants

Title Year Amount
Monitoring of Oil and Mining Industries in Ecuador 2013 $20,000