Peru: Monitoring Extractive Industry Rents

Issue: Research

Country: Peru

A component of the Sistema Vigila Peru, this project monitors how extractive industries generate fiscal resources; how these resources are distributed between the central government and the producing regions and localities; and the use of these resources by sub-national authorities.

The project, Monitoreando la Generación, Distribución y Uso de los Recursos Provistos por las Industrias Extractivas (Monitoring the Generation, Distribution and Use Extractive Industry Rents), was developed by Grupo Propuesta Ciudadana (GPC) with support from Revenue Watch Institute and other groups.

Our monitoring focuses on eight regions that are significant resource producers, where Propuesta Ciudadana has well-established local teams. Regional and national reports are produced twice a year using a variety of transparency mechanisms combined with reports provided by sub-national authorities and the companies in response to GPC requests. The reporting process produces a wealth of additional grassroots-oriented materials for dissemination. The project also includes advocacy for new policies and regulations and capacity-building for other civil society organizations.

Grupo Propuesta Ciudadana is a network of 11 NGOs focused on decentralization, with an emphasis on civil society participation, technical assistance and sub-national capacity development. Revenue Watch Institute provides Grupo Propuesta Ciudadana funding support for the Project and also provides technical assistance, directly through the local activities of its Latin America Regional Consultant and indirectly through its web page and other means.

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