Publish What You Pay Africa Regional Coordinator

From 2006 to 2009, RWI has been providing funding to Catholic Relief Services Cameroon to support the establishment and daily functioning of a Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Africa Regional Coordinator. Funding continues today, contributing to the salary, benefits, travel and operational costs of the position, the purpose of which is to service and coordinate the PWYP campaign in Africa in collaboration with national coalitions and PWYP NGO partners in order to bring about greater transparency in the management of extractive industry revenues.

The Africa Regional Coordinator reports to a small management team on a weekly basis comprised of several representatives of donor NGOs and local African PWYP coalitions, including: Emmanuel Kuyole, ISODEC (Ghana), Suneeta Kaimal, Revenue Watch Institute (USA), Rees Warne, CRS (USA), Patrick Lafon, PWYP Cameroon (Cameroon), Radhika Sarin, International PWYP Coordinator (United Kingdom), and Diarmid O’Sullivan, Global Witness (United Kingdom).

Key tasks and responsibilities for the Regional Coordinator include supporting the development and implementation of campaign plans in Africa coalitions and member organizations; facilitating the flow of information and lessons learned in campaign implementation and strategy between African coalitions and to international PWYP partners, and across language barriers; monitoring international developments and providing strategic advice; supporting coalitions in identifying capacity building needs; helping develop new PWYP networks in Africa; supporting the development and implementation of proper coalition governance structures; drafting campaign materials and helping organize events including seminars and strategy meetings in conjunction with other members of the coalition in Africa and abroad.

Several organizations are already providing support to PWYP coalitions in the form of financial assistance, capacity building programs, information resources and advocacy advice. This support has been critical to the development of PWYP in Africa thus far to ensure more efficient communication between PWYP partners in the region and more effective advocacy actions at a regional level, particularly with regards to the policies and activities of the international financial institutions.

PWYP has made significant progress in promoting the importance of resource revenue transparency in Africa, and it is indeed a critical time for PWYP and for our civil society partners in Africa. The PWYP coalition continues to grow. There are now active PWYP national coalitions in Angola, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Chad, DRC, Ghana, Liberia, Mauritania, Niger and Nigeria with several others in the pipeline. The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is currently being implemented in a number of African countries and several governments have already begun to disclose some information on revenues, production data and contracts. Thus, it is vital for the PWYP platforms to be more engaged with one another, to be sharing information and lessons learned from their experiences thus far in a more cohesive manner, and being more "joined-up" in their strategic planning.

PWYP Africa is entering a new and critical stage with many national coalitions in advanced stages of operation; an emergence of new issues being debated and discussed within the coalition, such as transparency around the management of other natural resources such as forests and fisheries and the impacts of climate change and how it should be addressed by PWYP; and the emergence of new initiatives that members are engaging in such as the ECOWAS regional mining code and the World Bank's new technical assistance program for transparency across the extractive industry value chain.

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