PWYP Liberia Study Tour to Sierra Leone

In the summer of 2007 RWI provided support to the Liberian Publish What You Pay coalition to facilitate a study tour through their attendance at the Sierra Leone EITI launch event and allow for experience sharing with the National Advocacy Coalition on the Extractives (NACE), a network of organizations with diverse interest and capacities in the extractive sector in neighboring Sierra Leone. Support for regional exchanges is an integral part of RWI's training and capacity building program.

Having previously supported our partners in Ghana to mentor NACE in the development of its work, RWI staff determined that the launch event provided an excellent opportunity for NACE to transfer the knowledge it had received from its similar experiences to the Liberian civil society newcomers. Since this study tour, and with interim commentary and advice from RWI and other international PWYP partners, the Liberian coalition has provided a detailed commentary and critique of the government's draft Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) work plan, resulting in amendments that strengthened the voting and oversight role of civil society in the implementation process. RWI provided the Liberian Coalition with continued support for monitoring and technical assistance around EITI implementation for the following year, and the coalition has been able to avidly participate in its countries EITI process, helping the country be successfully validated in October 2009.

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