Raising EITI Awareness Among CSOs in Iraq’s Northern Kurdish Area

Although Iraq is an EITI candidate country, public debate around the natural resource sector is very limited. Iraqi civil society organizations (CSO) have limited technical and organizational capacity, making it difficult for CSOs to effectively participate in decision-making processes about oil and gas governance.

The Northern Kurdish region is semi-autonomous, with its oil and gas sectors managed by regional authorities. However, oil and gas management in this region has not yet been monitored by any outside, nongovernmental groups.

Al-Mesalla is an Iraqi non-profit located in Iraq’s Northern Kurdish region. With support from Revenue Watch, they are conducting three regional workshops to familiarize CSO representatives with EITI implementation in Iraq. At the workshops CSOs are organizing themselves into a network so they can collectively monitor and exchange information about regional oil and gas management. This research will be the basis of continuing advocacy for stronger accountability in the region’s oil and gas sectors.

Al-Mesalla works to raise civil society awareness about democracy, peace building, conflict management and human rights. The organization provides social, economic and legal services for vulnerable groups throughout Iraq.

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