Raising EITI Awareness Among Journalists in Southern Iraq

ICHRA is interested in protecting Iraqi citizens’ rights to access information on the extractive industries sector. The proposed project aims to raise awareness among media representatives and journalists on issues related to EITI and the governance of the extractive industries sector in Iraq. The project consists of 9 EITI training workshops targeting a total of 180 journalists and media representatives from Basra, Missan, and Al Nasiriya (each workshop will target 20 participants). There is an emerging need in southern Iraq to shed light on EI governance issues amongst journalists especially as an increasing number of international companies are starting to operate in the southern region.

• To raise awareness on EITI among journalist in southern Iraq
• To increase the number and quality of EITI-related news stories covered by media outlets in southern Iraq

Related Grants

Title Year Amount
Raising EITI Awareness Among Journalists in Southern Iraq 2013 $30,000