Raising Media Awareness of EITI in Indonesia

In 2010 the Indonesian government announced its intention to join the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). With RWI support, Transparency International Indonesia (TI-Indonesia) conducted outreach to Indonesian media groups as a step toward ensuring that civil society would be able to contribute to the EITI candidate process.
TI-Indonesia trained editors and journalists from major print outlets on EITI issues and advocacy methods. The organization also called three press conferences to increase public pressure on the government to fulfill its candidate country obligations.

Some government officials have used the media as a forum to show resistance to an inclusive, transparent, and accountable EITI process. Indonesia’s media facilitates open policy discussions, but continues to face restraints on its role as watchdog.

The International Board of EITI formally accepted Indonesia as a Candidate country in October of 2010.

TI-Indonesia is a nongovernmental organization that focuses on anti–corruption issues in Indonesia. TI-Indonesia is a chapter of Transparency International, a global network of anti-corruption organizations with more than 100 chapters worldwide.

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Raising Media Awareness of EITI in Indonesia 2010 $20,000