Senior Advocacy & Communications Officer Position for Publish What You Pay

Publish What You Pay (PWYP) is an international coalition of civil society organizations that campaigns for transparency and accountability in the management of oil, gas and mining revenues. Member organizations come from a wide range of human rights, development, environmental and faith-based groups around the world. There are also PWYP national coalitions and platforms in over 35 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

This project continues funding for the 2012 budget of the PWYP Senior Advocacy & Communications Officer. Funding will contribute to the salary and benefits of the position. The Senior Advocacy & Communications Officer works under the supervision of the PWYP International Director and is hosted by the Open Society Foundation in London. The position's objectives are to coordinate and implement PWYP’s international advocacy and communication plans and manage internal and external communications for the PWYP international network.

The PWYP officer's work includes:

  • Bringing partners from Australia, Canada, Norway, United Kingdom, European Union, U.S., and the BRICS nations together for coordinated action in the campaign for mandatory listing requirements
  • Leading the coordination of PWYP Europe members to campaign for legislation similar to Dodd-Frank 1504 in the EU
  • Strengthening dialogue with PWYP Norway, PWYP Canada and PWYP Australia on opportunities to introduce/enhance stock listing/accounting disclosure requirements in capital markets
  • Securing investor statements in support of the campaign for accounting legislation and listings disclosure requirements
  • Providing support to the PWYP Program Officer and the Africa Coordinator with preparations for civil society messaging as part of the “EITI Strategy Working Group”
  • Highlighting national success stories and areas of best practice in contract transparency
  • Working with PWYP partners to nurture greater company support for contract transparency
  • Forming strategic alliances with organizations working on expenditure/participatory budgets such as the International Budget Partnership
  • Facilitating communication between coalition members by ensuring dissemination of relevant resources to appropriate PWYP listservs and organizing teleconference calls

Related Grants

Title Year Amount
Senior Advocacy & Communications Officer Position for Publish What You Pay 2012 $76,897