Strengthening the Francophone Africa Extractive Industries Knowledge Hub

In 2011, with support from RWI, a “Francophone Africa EI Knowledge Hub” was incubated at the Catholic University of Central Africa (CUCA). The objective of the Knowledge Hub was to build the capacity of civil society, parliamentarians, the media and subnational government officials to influence governance of the extractive sector in their region.

"Strengthening the Francophone Africa Extractive Industries Knowledge Hub" is a three-year program that seeks to strengthen the Francophone hub by consolidating hub management structures within the university and subsequently expanding activities (including training, research, networking and communication) to further develop regional expertise while improving the capacity of oversight actors to advocate for improved extractive industry governance. 

CUCA is an institution of higher education that combines academic excellence with ethical responsibility to provide a comprehensive education for students to work for the social, economic, political and moral renaissance of Africa.

With support from RWI, CUCA is:

  • Increasing the number of knowledgeable individuals who are equipped to play a strong oversight role towards enhanced extractive industry governance
  • Bringing a pool of regional experts together to provide research and publication assistance for the hub as well as mentoring for hub participants
  • Developing partnerships with both national and regional institutions to collect lessons learned on extractive industry-related topics
  • Facilitating the institutionalization of the hub and the integration of extractive industry-related topics within CUCA’s academic programs

This project is designed for three years, covering 2012-2015.

Related Grants

Title Year Amount
Strengthening the Francophone Africa Extractive Industries Knowledge Hub 2012 $405,000