Strengthening Parliamentary and Civil Society Oversight of Oil, Gas and Mining Revenues in Ghana

The Parliamentary Center used RWI support in 2009-2010 to complete a two-year project to strengthen the capacity of key parliamentary committees in Ghana  that provide oversight for the country’s oil and mining industries.

During the second year of the Ghana project, the Parliamentary Center built on the oil and gas governance training of the first year by providing more specialized training to members of parliament (MP) and their staff, including technical assistance analyzing petroleum legislation and contracts. MPs carried out field assessments of the impacts of extracting oil on local communities’ economic activities, and members of civil society and the media participated as observers in order to promote press coverage and wider dissemination of information. The Parliamentary Center followed up on its Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) training of the previous year by helping MPs form an internal EITI forum as a mechanism to exert their oversight responsibilities.

Oil production is a new source of revenue for Ghana, but MPs were one of the last groups to be allowed to comment on the draft oil and gas policy that was released prior to the start of production. While the international extractive industries transparency movement has had considerable success in engaging governments, industry and civil society, parliaments and legislatures have too often been left on the sidelines.

With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, RWI is implementing a series of parliamentary capacity-building projects that aim to improve the ability of legislatures to oversee the executive's collection and use of oil, gas and mining revenues. RWI believes that the transparency and accountability movement will be effective over the long term only if legislatures, which have critical government and budget oversight responsibilities, are also engaged. Legislatures are a vital link between extractive revenues that flow to the state and the allocation and use of these funds for the public benefit.

The Parliamentary Center works with the Ghanaian legislature to strengthen its capacity for effective policy making and oversight, with an emphasis on improving socio-economic outcomes. 

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