Support for the Export Credit & Mining Research & Policy Officer Position

The Australian mining sector is increasingly investing in projects in countries where project activities pose severe development and environmental challenges to local populations. The Australian government provides financial and other support for some of these projects through the Australian Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) and other agencies. 

Jubilee Australia is creating a position in their organization that monitors this support and advocates for reform. With RWI support, the person who fills this position carries out four primary responsibilities:

  • Developing a three-year strategy to improve EFIC’s accountability, transparency and guidelines for providing project support, culminating in a parliamentary debate on export credit reform in Australia.
  • Mapping government support given to Australian investments overseas in order to create a proposal for a regulatory framework for this support. 
  • Establishing an advocacy network of civil society groups and local communities affected by EFIC-sponsored mining projects.
  • Investigating how the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) can most effectively be implemented in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Several EFIC-funded projects in PNG have had serious social or environmental consequences.

In recent years Jubilee Australia has emerged as EFIC’s primary civil society watchdog through its work fostering debate about the policies of EFIC and its responsibility to Australians and to project-affected citizens in host countries. 

Related Grants

Title Year Amount
Support for the Export Credit & Mining Research & Policy Officer Position 2010 $38,600