Support for Publish What You Pay-Canada

Canada is home to many major international extractive sector companies that play a leading role in the exploitation of natural resources in many of the countries in which NRGI operates. In March 2007, the government of Canada finally committed to support the EITI and Canada recently became a member of the EITI Board.

The Canadian Publish What You Pay (PWYP) coalition was launched in March 2008 by seven organizations supporting the international PWYP campaign.  Since its launch, PWYP-Canada has worked to put both the PWYP and global transparency agenda on the map for Canadian stakeholders.  The coalition has built support for the campaign across the country and has undertaken a variety of activities mainly aimed at strengthening the coalition’s base.

The coalition opened its secretariat within the offices of Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) in Ottawa.  PWYP-Canada works under the leadership of the PWYP-Canada coordinator with assistance from PAC staff.

This project seeks to provide continued salary and benefits support for the PWYP Canada Coalition Coordinator, who works to

  • Increase support for the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) from the federal government, the provinces and oil, gas and mining companies leading to domestic implementation (or provincial piloting)
  • Promote the adoption of mandatory disclosure requirements by the government of Canada/by provincial securities regulators, as well as the international community
  • Support the integration of contract transparency into PWYP’s advocacy efforts
  • Ensure the implementation of the Natural Resource Charter in Africa
  • Increase the membership base of the coalition and encourage PWYP members’ active engagement in governance issues
  • Increase the funding base of the coalition
  • Help Canadian civil society groups and member organizations access information on Canadian mining companies for stronger advocacy, research and outreach efforts
  • Raise public awareness on issues such as payments to host governments, contract and licensing transparency, human rights and tax evasion
  • Provide support to the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region in its use of the EITI as a tool for certification and traceability of conflict minerals in the Great Lakes Region of Africa

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Title Year Amount
Support for Publish What You Pay-Canada 2012 $69,500