The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is an international standard that seeks to improve natural resource revenue transparency. In countries participating in EITI, oil, gas and mining companies are required to publish what they pay to governments and governments are required to publish what they receive from companies. These figures are then reconciled by an independent body. A multi-stakeholder group that includes representatives from the government, industry and civil society oversees the EITI process in each country.

More than 100 EITI reports are now available, documenting more than half a trillion dollars in payments and revenues in over 30 countries. To leverage this growth, RWI is entering the second generation of its EITI work which focuses on maximizing the positive impact of EITI reports on governance and development outcomes in implementing countries. This goal requires improving the quality and scope of EITI reports, and supporting civil society to utilize the information made available by EITI to push for broader reforms and greater accountability. RWI's work also supports the implementation of EITI in new participant countries, including Afghanistan, Indonesia and Iraq, and explores extending the model to other economic sectors, including pipeline transit revenues and potentially climate financing.

Learn more at www.revenuewatch.org/eitiguide and www.eiti.org