Media Training

An active and knowledgeable media plays a critical role in helping citizens, civil society organizations and parliaments to hold governments, companies and decision makers accountable.

However, in many resource-rich countries, many journalists lack the required breadth and depth of knowledge and skills to report effectively and consistently on oil, gas and mining. Recognizing these challenges, RWI has conducted training programs in Azerbaijan, Iraq, Ghana, Republic of Guinea, Tanzania, and Uganda to develop the capacity of the media to act as an oversight institution. The training seeks to increase the quantity and quality of reporting, investigation and analysis of oil, gas and mining issues.

Partnerships with local training organizations have been developed to carry the program through the long term and with minimal or no involvement by RWI. Training tools that are self-sustaining in these countries and replicable in others have been created to ensure the widest possible impact and that as many journalists as can be reached do benefit.