Revenue Watch's applied research on key resource management issues helps RWI build its expertise and share it with partners around the world. RWI translates technical concepts into simpler terms and multiple languages, generates case studies and comparative data, and provides guides tailored to a range of audiences. Topics include contracting, audits, oil fund laws, fiscal regimes for petroleum and mining, parliamentary oversight, revenue-sharing models and the development potential of commodity windfalls.

Recent research projects include the Revenue Watch Index, a landmark report comparing how much the governments of 41 resource producing countries disclose publicly about the money they receive for oil, gas and mineral exploitation, as well as contracts, state-owned enterprises and other basic data. Other research projects include Boom, Bust and Better Policy, a collection of policy papers examining the economic, social and political impacts of the financial crisis; and Making a Good EITI Report, a set of three briefing papers and an interactive web tool offering data and analysis from 50 EITI reports from 23 countries.