Revenue Management

Natural Resource Funds

NRGI and the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment release a report and interactive website on how to better manage natural resource funds, a subset of sovereign wealth funds. Learn More

Mismanagement of oil, gas and mineral revenues can have enormous costs for citizens of resource rich countries. The Natural Resource Governance Institute works to improve the national management of natural resources through objective research, analysis and advocacy.

A key component of this work is the Revenue Management Assessment Framework: a set of questions, indicators, tools and strategies to help evaluate management systems and influence policy-making. It is also a source of information on the most common revenue management instruments and institutions, including fiscal rules, natural resource funds or sovereign wealth funds, national oil or mining companies, revenue sharing regimes, cash transfers and implicit oil and gas subsidies.

This framework can help governments, experts and civil society identify deficiencies—by assessing their countries' approach, developing national consensus on good policies and generating options for policy solutions.