Videos: Harnessing Oil, Gas and Minerals for Subnational Development

National governments are distributing a larger share of the revenues from oil, gas and minerals to state and local governments and, with it, greater responsibility to provide basic public services. Subnational governments face a range of other issues created by extraction of natural resources, including land allocation questions, pollution, changes in the local economy, demands for services and guarantees of security and human rights. The videos explore how governments, civil society, journalists and companies got together with NRGI to promote transparent, accountable and effective management of nonrenewable natural resources.  They describe the impact of such projects and offer lessons for future efforts.

Indonesia: Fueling the Future (13:15) | Arabic | French | Spanish | Bahasa Indonesia
Peru: Better Forecasting (11:17) | Arabic | French | Spanish | Bahasa Indonesia
NRGI in Indonesia (3:52) Goals in Peru (2:16)
The Global Recession (3:24) The "Magic Number" (1:20)

Regional Planning in Peru (3:15)

A New Methodology (2:21)

Lessons From Piura (1:52)

The Cepu Block (3:21)

Working Together (3:04)

The Transparency Measure (2:25)

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