VIDEO: Better Forecasting

Country: Peru
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The huge oil and mining revenues produced in Peru over the past seven years have shown the limits of the country’s decentralization. As the national government distributes larger shares of the revenues to producing areas, subnational officials and communities find they lack the capacity to manage the money. As a result, subnational governments cannot effectively spend the funds, or evenly distribute the wealth to rural, relatively poor communities. The exclusion and inequality have fueled conflict in resource-rich regions across the country.

In 2008, the Revenue Watch Institute (RWI)—in collaboration with the Open Society Foundations Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative (OSF-LGI)—designed a project to address the enormous governance challenges facing these local and regional governments.

See this video in Spanish, Arabic, French and Bahasa Indonesia.

PERU Better Forecasting from The Epidavros Project on Vimeo.