Corruption in Chile and Latin America: Pending Concerns

Confronting corruption in Latin America--one of the great development challenges the region faces--means understanding the shape it takes in respective nations. NRGI has addressed the topic extensively in the last months.

In October, Kaufmann took part in an event organized by the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez and Espacio Público focused on the outstanding challenges of corruption in Chile and throughout Latin America.

At the event, “Governance and Corruption in Latin America: Pending Challenges,” Kaufmann described the similarities and differences of cases of corruption in the region, according to an article in El Mostrador. The panel was moderated by Espacio Públicopresident Eduardo Engel and included UAI dean Ramiro Mendoza and Senators Lily Pérez (Amplitud) and Patricio Walker (DC).

In a presentation delivered at the meeting, Kaufmann talked about the expanding and developing national and international networks of corruption. (Kaufmann also illustrated this concept in “Corruption Matters,” an article in Finance & Development.) He described corruption as a symptom of institutional weakness, referencing the well-known cases of Petrobras, FIFA and construction for the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

To access the Spanish-language presentation he delivered at the event, please click here.

Kaufmann also discussed corruption in the region and worldwide in a Spanish-language interview with Radio Zero, accessible here.