NRGI President Daniel Kaufmann Discusses Governance Challenges, Anticorruption in Ukraine

NRGI president and CEO Daniel Kaufmann was in Ukraine in early December, participating in the International Board meeting of the Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) that took place in Kiev. He also took part in a number of conferences and events in Kiev and Odessa. In fact, Ukraine had just released its first EITI report, an area where he commented upon in a number of public fora.

On December 6, he was part of the final panel at the Ukraine Anticorruption Forum that took place in Odessa, where he presented some empirics regarding governance and anticorruption and suggested some implications. On December 7, at the Sustainable Resource Management Forum, he presented on the challenges of managing revenues from nonrenewable resources and implications for Ukraine and drew from experiences of other countries. He also presented at a special panel with the Minister of Finance that focused on tax policy and anticorruption, which was organized by the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Each of those presentations is available here for download. The presentation he gave at the Sustainable Resource Management Forum is available both in English and Ukrainian.