Call for Applications: Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Governance in the Middle East and North Africa 2015

In 2014 NRGI’s MENA Regional Knowledge Hub (a partnership with the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies [LCPS]) offered its first foundation course on natural resource governance to civil society actors and members of the media from Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Tunisia. In this course, participants strengthen their understanding of the oil and gas sectors and develop skills to engage in effective policy advocacy or reporting.

The 2015 hub course will be held in Beirut, Lebanon from 10 to 18 September 2015. The main language of the course is Arabic with simultaneous translation provided for sessions given in English. Members of civil society and journalists working in Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, and Tunisia are eligible for scholarships covering the cost of the course as well as round-trip travel and accommodation. In addition to the course, participants are invited to attend a regional conference on the oil and gas sector on Wednesday 16 September 2015.

Those interested should submit their applications before Monday 20 July 2015, either in English or Arabic. Applications and questions should be submitted to For more information, please visit the course page or download the brochure:

"Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Governance in the Middle East and North Africa" 2015 Brochure (English) (Arabic)

Participant perspectives on the NRGI blog

Participant perspectives, including video interviews, on the LCPS website

NRGI staff perspective on the NRGI blog

Since 2008, NRGI has established six regional “knowledge hubs” in partnership with academic institutions to offer training and support for civil society organizations, members of parliament and journalists to help them analyze issues linked to oil, gas and mining, and develop robust advocacy campaigns. Learn more at the Regional Hubs page.