Job: Consultant to Conduct Research on Regional and Global Best Practices in Contract Management

About NRGI:
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Project Description:
NRGI seeks a short-term international consultant to conduct a survey of international best practice in transparency in the administration of oil, gas and mining contracts. The consultant would be called upon to produce a document laying out the state of the art in terms of what extractive-rich governments disclose regarding their oversight of company compliance of the obligations included in the contracts signed with them, including financial, productive, social and environmental ones. Among the issues on which the consultant would provide details on how oversight bodies make information available are:

  • Exploration activities and the execution of exploration work programs
  • Production activities and the measurement of volumes produced
  • Revenues paid by oil, gas and mining companies to the state and to state-owned enterprises, in the form of taxes, bonuses, production sharing, etc.
  • Environmental management, including the content of environmental impact assessments and the content and execution of environmental management plans
  • Social impacts of extraction, including the content of social impact assessments and the content and execution of plans designed to mitigate social risks
  • Government-organized mechanisms to communicate regularly with the public, parliament and other oversight bodies, to promote public education and consistent two-way dialogue.


The project is designed as a tool to influence the decision-making processes of Mexico’s National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) around the management of oil contracts in Mexico. As a result of Constitutional reforms initiated in 2013, Mexico has adopted several new mechanisms for contracting with oil companies that previously did not exist. The Mexican government has committed publicly to managing these contracts using the highest global standards of public transparency. Having conducted several initial processes to award allocations and contracts, with high levels of transparency, the government is now developing the procedures by which those contracts are monitored and enforced. NRGI’s research is designed to help ground the decisions being made in Mexico in the state of the art globally.

The consultant will be called upon to help the CNH make decisions about the transparency of its activities in light of international best practice. The consultant will provide a literature review of the current state-of-the-art in transparency related to these issues. S/he will also provide concrete examples of online platforms, transparency tools and other mechanisms that have been used to achieve these transparency goals. These examples should be drawn from individual petroleum and mineral-rich countries, as well as from international institutions and collaborations. Finally, s/he will provide recommendations to assure and increase transparency regarding decisions made by CNH while exercising its oversight responsibilities.

The consultant will draft a paper laying out major findings, expected to be approximately 20 – 25 pages.

Appendix 1 provides a more detailed summary of the evolution of contracting processes in Mexico.


  • Strong familiarity with international experiences in the global movement to improve extractive industry transparency.
  • Strong familiarity with information-management platforms established by resource-rich governments to disclose up-to-date information on monitoring of natural resource projects
  • Special consideration will be given to candidates familiar with contract administration by regulatory institutions and/or mechanisms for monitoring compliance with contract terms and/or legal obligations
  • Special consideration will be given to candidates with experience helping conceptualize or develop a public information-disclosure platform
  • Excellent research and writing skills
  • At least five years’ work experience, with particular emphasis on international development and governance
  • Spanish language skills preferred (report will be drafted in English, but ability to research information platforms in Latin America would be valuable)
  • Master’s Degree or higher preferred

Compensation: Competitive compensation, commensurate with experience.

Start Date and duration: As soon as possible, work to be conducted between February and April, 2016.

To Apply:
Please email resume and cover letter by February 22, 2016, to: Include job code in subject line: Contract Monitoring Research.