NRGI Readers: A Primer Series About Resource Governance

NRGI has created a series of short, illustrated overviews of key topics in NRGI's portfolio of work. Together they serve as a robust introduction for the lay reader to fundamental issues and concepts in resource governance. Most contain helpful figures and infographics, and each reader has a standard format: key messages, key concepts and case examples, and a final set of practitioner-orientated questions to ask. Each topic is explicitly linked to the relevant precepts of the Natural Resource Charter.

The readers can be downloaded and read individually, or as one PDF document.

NRGI Readers

  1. The Resource Curse (156kb)
  2. The Natural Resource Charter Decision Chain (168kb)
  3. The Oil and Gas Industry (256kb)
  4. The Mining Industry (579kb)
  5. Legal Framework (145kb)
  6. Measurement and Assessment of Natural Resource Governance (219kb)
  7. Transparency Mechanisms and Movements (115kb)
  8. Contract Transparency (127kb)
  9. The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) (180kb)
  10. Publish What You Pay (126kb)
  11. Granting Rights to Natural Resources (239kb)
  12. Fiscal Regime Design (164kb)
  13. State Participation and State-Owned Enterprises (181kb)
  14. Commodity Trading (140kb)
  15. Revenue Management and Distribution (272kb)
  16. Fiscal Rules and Natural Resource Funds (212kb)
  17. Subnational Revenue Distribution (151kb)
  18. Subnational Revenue Management (116kb)
  19. Local Content (138kb)
  20. Extractives-Linked Infrastructure (134kb)