NRGI president and CEO Daniel Kaufmann, who co-produces the Worldwide Governance Indicators published by the World Bank, discussed his recent article “Corruption Matters” with the IMF’s Bruce Edwards. Published in September in Finance & Development, the piece discusses the larger themes of governance and corruption in Latin America and elsewhere.

Confronting corruption in Latin America--one of the great development challenges the region faces--means understanding the shape it takes in respective nations. NRGI has addressed the topic extensively in the last months.

This week, 29 participants from 13 countries — including Ghana, Chile, Uganda, Myanmar, Mongolia and Guinea — are taking part in our third annual Executive Course in Oil, Gas and Mining Governance in Oxford.

Francisco Paris, the EITI international secretariat’s regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, attended the EITI Latin America Regional Conference in Lima, where government, civil society and corporate representatives met to discuss pressing socio-environmental concerns in the region...

In an article for Finance & Development, NRGI president Daniel Kaufmann outlines the contours of Latin America’s wide, encompassing networks of corruption. He writes that corruption often involves a network of politicians, organizations, companies, and private individuals colluding to “capture” benefits from access to power, public resources, and policymaking, at the expense of the public good. Kaufmann suggests an alternative view of corruption—“the privatization of public policy.”

The Yale Center for the Study of Globalization has published a new e-book, Africa at a Fork in the Road NRGI’s Daniel Kaufmann contributed a chapter entitled “Evidence-based Reflections on Natural Resource Governance and Corruption in Africa,” a comparative empirical exploration of governance in Africa, with a focus on managing natural resources such as hydrocarbons and minerals.

NRGI president Daniel Kaufmann recently visited Indonesia, where he met with editors from Tempo magazine. What follows is a reproduction of the resulting news story, “Good Governance Means the Rule of Law, Not the Rule of Man Prevails,” posted here with Tempo’s permission.

In a wide-ranging interview this month with Critical Resource, NRGI president Daniel Kaufmann discusses differences in corporate behavior between the mining and hydrocarbon sectors...

When it comes to mining policy, consensus is hard to find south of the Equator.

It takes a lot of water to mine copper. This week a new report from Chile revealed that copper mining in the country’s northern region consumes the equivalent of 20 Olympic swimming pools per hour...

Codelco, Chile’s state-owned copper company, reports that it needs more than $20 billion for structural projects over the next decade. According to the country’s finance minister, Chile’s natural resource funds, otherwise known as sovereign wealth funds, could be asked to cough up the cash.

Carlos Monge, RWI Latin America Regional Coordinator, and colleagues deliver fresh news and insight.
Carlos Monge, RWI Latin America Regional Coordinator, and colleagues deliver fresh news and insight. Issue February 22 covers tension between Argentina and Britain over oil exploration off the Falkland Islands; production problems in Ecuador's and Mexico's state-owned oil companies; and Chilean interest in Bolivian gas industrialization.