Regional Hubs: Middle East and North Africa

A partnership between the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) and the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS)

The Middle East and North Africa Hub aims to support and build capacities of civil society, journalists and policymakers to improve the governance of the oil and gas sector for more sustainable development in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA).


Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Governance in the Middle East and North Africa:

In 2014 the hub offered its first foundation course on natural resource governance to civil society and media from Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Tunisia. In this course, participants strengthen their understanding of the oil and gas sectors and develop skills to engage in effective policy advocacy or reporting.

The 10-day course is split into two progressive sessions offered in Beirut, Lebanon. In the first, in June, participants work in teams to perform simplified assessments of their countries’ natural resource governance, based on a framework derived from the Natural Resource Charter. Results of these assessments are then used in the follow-up course in October—a session that carries a strong focus on building advocacy and reporting skills, developing action plans and articles on issues relevant to the participating countries, and building on participants’ understanding of those technical areas covered during the first session. The main language of the course is Arabic, with some sessions in English with simultaneous interpretation into Arabic.

Course dates for 2015 are yet to be confirmed. The course is delivered in Arabic. For more information, please visit the course page or address your questions to LCPS’s Jana Harb

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Since 2008, NRGI has established six regional “knowledge hubs” in partnership with academic institutions to offer training and support for civil society organizations, members of parliament and journalists to help them analyze issues linked to oil, gas and mining, and develop robust advocacy campaigns. Learn more at the Regional Hubs page.