Resource Center: Backgrounders

The fiscal terms that govern the relationship between these parties determine how the financial benefits and risks of extractive projects will be divided.

Regarding the need for international accounting and disclosure rules in corporate reporting of oil, gas and mining activities, and role of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

More information about the international PWYP coalition, comprising organizations in more than 70 countries mobilizing citizens to hold their governments accountable for the management of natural resource revenues.

Examining the impact of the economic crisis on resource-rich countries and some of the resulting lessons for fiscal and economic policy.

There is a growing international call to make the terms of extractive industry contracts available to the public, and to establish new norms for what information is disclosed in deals between government and industry.

An explanation of EITI's voluntary standards for transparency in oil and mineral payments and receipts and the elements of the EITI process at the country and international levels.

A framework describing the key steps in the develpment of natural resources, from planning and extraction, to processing and sale, and through to the ultimate uses of the revenues.