Disempowered Voices: the Status of Civil Society in Equatorial Guinea

The Equatoguinean government expressed its willingness to participate in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in October 2004, but the country was delisted from the EITI in April, 2010 by the EITI Board. As this report from EG Justice highlights, the government of Equatorial Guinea’s inability or unwillingness to allow full civil society participation in the EITI process played a key part in this delisting decision, and will continue to threaten the country’s pursuit of greater transparency and the fulfillment of the EITI’s objectives if not corrected. This report aims to highlight the obstacles currently hindering civil society formation and engagement in Equatorial Guinea and to advance a set of recommendations for stakeholders—particularly those involved in the EITI and the Universal Periodic Review processes—that should be implemented as a precondition for Equatorial Guinea’s readmission to the EITI.