Reversing the Resource Curse: Theory and Practice 2016

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The Natural Resource Governance Institute and the School of Public Policy ( at the Central European University are now accepting applications for the advanced course: "Reversing the Resource Curse: Theory and Practice."

This advanced-level multi-stakeholder course is open to exceptional leaders from government, civil society, parliaments, media, international development agencies and industry associations as well as academics, researchers and analysts from universities and think tanks.

A limited number of scholarships comprising travel, accommodation and full tuition costs will be available on a competitive basis for leaders from government, civil society, parliaments, and media from the following countries: Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Indonesia, Iraq, Libya, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Tunisia and Uganda. (Individuals from other countries and sectors are welcome to apply for the course, but will not be considered for scholarships.)

Applicants will also be asked to upload the following additional documentation:

• A résumé/CV.

• A letter from his/her employer in support of the application. The letter should also describe how the organization’s work relates to extractive industries and the applicant’s responsibilities within it.

• Two short essays on the governance challenges associated with extractive industries in the applicant’s country of origin/residence (or internationally for global practitioners) and the applicant’s expectations of how the course will benefit him or her in efforts to help address those challenges.

Application deadline is the 27th November. Shortlisted applicants will be offered a provisional place the week of 14 December and be given a pre-course task to be completed satisfactorily and submitted to the course organizers by 3 January 2016. Failure to submit the task will result in a withdrawal of the provisional offer.

The course brochure is available here.

TO APPLY please click here. For additional information please contact