Summer School on Governance of Extractive Industries: Francophone Africa Knowledge Hub Training Course

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Please note this course will be run in French.

The Centre of Excellence for Extractive Industries Governance in Francophone Africa (CEGIEAF) of the Catholic University of Central Africa (UCAC), with the support of Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) and MISEREOR, is pleased to announce the sixth edition of the Summer School on Governance of Extractive Industries, to be held at UCAC’s Ekounou-Ayéné campus, from 16 to 26 August 2016. The summer school aims to equip a large number of monitoring actors, including CSOs, media and parliamentarians, with knowledge and skills to improve the quality of their response and their ability to positively influence the transparent and accountable management of extractive industries in Francophone Africa.

The summer school is open to civil society actors, journalists, parliamentarians, mayors and senators with at least two years’ demonstrable experience in the promotion of the better governance of extractive industries in their countries. The course is residential in nature, lasting two weeks, It will cover the extractives decision-making chain: decision to extract, legislation, contracts, taxation, collection and management of revenues, social and environmental impacts, impact of extractive resources on development. In addition to the two week summer course, participants will need to allow time for the completion of preparatory activities and be prepared to participate in a field trip, which will take place during the course.

The summer school is devised and delivered by experienced resource persons, including academics, researchers, public administration officials and civil society actors, selected at national, regional and international levels. The cost of the training is approximately USD 2,700, covering tuition, airfare, university campus accommodation, catering and expenses relating to the field trip. NRGI and MISEREOR will award full or partial scholarships to certain participants following a review of their applications. Given the limited number of scholarships, we strongly encourage all applicants to seek funding for their participation. Organizations and institutions are encouraged to support their partners to attend the program. Sponsoring institutions must, in addition, cover the incidental expenses of the participant. Interested organizations are invited to come forward and indicate the number of people they would like to sponsor no later than the closing deadline of 21 February 2016.

Interested parties are invited to apply by submitting the following, in French, to, no later than the closing deadline of 21 February 2016:

Applicants’ cover letters should detail the reasons why the applicant would benefit from this program, his or her experience, and the relevance of the work of his or her organization. Applicants should also indicate whether they are applying for a scholarship, to be provided by NRGI and MISEREOR, or whether they will be supported by an alternative funder. Applicants who are accepted onto the course can expect to receive a response no later than 29 February 2016.

Please note this course will be run in French.

For further information, please write to the following address: