Training Module: Introduction to the Resource Governance Index

The Resource Governance Index (RGI) measures the quality of governance in the oil, gas and mining sector of 58 countries. These nations produce 85 percent of the world’s petroleum, 90 percent of diamonds and 80 percent of copper, generating trillions of dollars in annual profits. The future of these countries depends on how well they manage their oil, gas and minerals.

The purpose of this module is to

  • present a basic overview of the RGI, its rationale, methodology, findings, recommendations, and products.
  • present and discuss how the RGI can be used for a regional comparative analysis.
  • present and discuss how the RGI can be used as a diagnostic tool to with specific hands-on exercises.

This module is comprised of

  • a short Facilitation Guide, which presents objectives of the module, the focus of different sessions, approximate session durations, suggestions for adaptations and a list of accompanying materials.
  • a deck of PowerPoint slides supports the activities presented in the module. Slide notes contain detailed guidance for trainers, with slides introducing each session (shared in grey) providing detailed guidance for the whole session.
  • handouts and other resources for distribution to participants that will be used for workshop activities or to support their learning after the workshop. Note this set of hand-outs must be complemented with additional material in the RGI download page as per guidance provided in the facilitation guide.

This module is appropriate for all audiences wishing to take a part in improving a country’s management of oil, gas and minerals.

Users can immediately access PDF versions of the module components. For access to editable module components (e.g., presentation in PowerPoint), users must submit a request following the instructions in the pop up window that appears after selecting the file to download. RWI will consider the request and revert with a decision on disclosing the editable version within five days.


Download the Introduction and Facilitation Guide below. To download and save the full module or individual handouts, please select from the files below and follow the instructions to provide your email address.