Training Modules

RWI makes its knowledge and experience publically available in standardized modules that help others train effectively on natural resource governance. Our modules are undergirded by RWI’s research and analysis and disclosed only after years of testing. RWI modules use an interactive, adult learning approach based on our extensive training experience with complex legal and economic issues. They are intended for organizations that design and deliver trainings and educational programs.

Each module contains:

A Facilitation guide or manual: This presents learning objectives along with an outline and timing of activities to meet them, including lecture-style presentations, group exercises, facilitated plenary discussions, suggested reading and multimedia resources.

Presentation slides: A deck of PowerPoint slides supports the activities presented in the module. The slides include detailed guidance notes for trainers.

Session-specific handouts and other resources for use by trainers or distribution to participants, to help them refresh or continue their learning after the workshop.

All materials are available immediately in PDF format. Presentations in editable Microsoft PowerPoint files are available on request, for training and educational purposes, and after approval by RWI.

RWI is eager to receive feedback on how to further improve the content and user-friendliness of these modules. Please send your comments to


Media plays a key role in supporting good policies and building well-governed societies that aspire to raise the living standards of their citizens. Through articles and radio or TV broadcasts, journalists can inform policy makers...

This module provides an overview of the RGI and its potential use as a comparative analysis and diagnostic tool.

Through this module, participants will gain new knowledge about the purpose and benefits of EITI and its principles and criteria.

This module covers some of the crucial decisions taken during the preparation phase of EITI, in particular decisions about the scope of the process

This module helps participants learn how to analyze EITI reports, assess whether they meet minimum standards, and respond with concrete recommendations.